About us

The Skills Training Network is the one-stop shop for employability programmes in Scotland. Our sophisticated but easy-to-use platform enables young people, parents, key workers and partner agencies to discover training courses in their area, and make a referral or application directly through our site.

Young people were heavily involved in the creation of the Skills Training Network, so you’ll find all sorts of innovative design features on our site that make programmes easier to understand – everything from eligibility details to nearby food outlets and transport links.

We hope you find the Skills Training Network a useful and empowering tool. 

Do you know what an employability programme is?

These are free training courses, usually funded by the government,  or your local council, that will give you a routine, help you build your confidence, and support you to find work.

Do you deliver
training programmes?

The Skills Training Network makes you and your programmes visible to young people.
You’ll be up and running in just a few clicks.

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