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  • Service Areas: Music song creating, Employability courses with music
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About IWasGonnae

Iwasgonnae is distinctive in several ways:

We have our own I was gonnae podcast, we have a personal development programme which importantly incorporates a music experience.

  • We have made access enticingly simple and barrier free.
  • We uniquely initiate our personal development journey using our own music experience to engage participants using top musicians.
  • We incorporate exciting and inspirational information gathered from our own podcast into our presentations.

 Impact Areas:

  • Youth development
  • Community empowerment
  • Employability
  • Mental health and wellbeing


  1. Music Experience: We offer interactive barrier free music workshops for all ages. Each music experience is a creative journey that unfolds over four sessions. It begins with an introduction to music, exploring its various aspects and how it can be used to express personal narratives. Participants are then guided through the process of crafting lyrics and melodies that resonate with their individual stories. The culmination of this musical voyage is the recording of their own song, providing a tangible and lasting representation of their creative expression. This immersive process not only fosters musical skills but also offers a unique way to capture and share personal experiences through the universal language of music.

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