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Enterprise House, Fountain Way, Blackparks Industrial Estate, Stranraer, DG9 7UD
  • Registered Company/Charity Number: SCO26981/176908

About The Furniture Project (Stranraer) Ltd

The Pink Frog is a third sector based employability programme that delivers a range of employability and life skills to individuals aged between 16-64 who have barriers to employment.

We believe that it is important to give people with additional needs the opportunity to develop and explore their own morals and responsibilities in relation to the wider world.  

We support people with additional needs to speak up, make choices and become powerful and influential. We support them to gain opportunities and become more independent in learning, housing, work, health, money, travel, leisure and relationships. 

Placements at The Pink Frog are designed to be a crucial stepping-stone needed by people with additional needs, to support transitioning from long term unemployment into working life or to living a more independent life. 

A key principle of The Pink Frog is that people with additional needs should not be treated as needing charity, they have the power to effect positive change and should be valued.  

A balance is sought between building transferable skills at increasing levels of independence in the world of work, whilst developing skills for life.  

The programme is individually developmental and recognises that not everyone learns in the same way, or at the same rate. The programme does not presume that one form of learning style is superior to another, and our participants are encouraged to access learning through a range of structured and unstructured activities, in and outside of the classroom.  

Each person in the programme will have an Individual Development Plan based on the long-term outcomes from their aspirations of the service.

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