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About Jobs & Business Glasgow

We are excited to offer Glasgow City Council residents access to our new Employment Packages.

Unemployed or feeling stuck in your current role? No qualifications or prior experience are necessary to take part in our employment packages. We provide everything you need to start a new career.

Each package includes; industry training and qualifications, costs and applications for any industry licences, an interview for a live vacancy, a paid work placement, and a job offer for successful candidates.

No more sending applications and hearing nothing back. Packages are created in a range of industries, connecting with local employers needs, each one designed to give you the skillset and qualifications needed for their current vacancies. Our Employment Packages are designed to lead straight to success.

Support to get a job or improve the job you have

In addition we offer one to one support with our Employability Advisers. They can help with all aspects of getting a job, including creating a CV, job searching, job applications, paid work placements, interview help, further help when you start work, etc. Really, we have the full package of support you need to be successful in your future career.

The next step is to contact us.

Glasgow City Council residents, aged 16 years and over are eligible for our support service. We can help people who are out of work, and those who are currently employed. Contact us to discuss how we can best help you.

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