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Glasgow Life, Commonwealth House, 38 Albion Street, Glasgow G1 1LH
  • Registered Company/Charity Number: SC037844

About Glasgow Life

Glasgow life is a charitable organisation that delivers cultural, sporting and learning activities on behalf of Glasgow City Council. Our aim is to make a positive impact on individuals and the communities in which they live in and the city as a whole. In addition, we manage 167 buildings across the city.

Our Service Areas


Glasgow Arts and Music creates, manages, operates, and delivers the city’s iconic high profile cultural venues, festivals, and cultural events across a range of art forms.


Glasgow Communities manages a network of local venues across the city. The service creates opportunities for Glasgow citizens to join a range of cultural and sporting activities, whilst supporting their learning goals.


Home to the largest public network of library services, Glasgow has 32 community libraries, 29 school libraries as well as the Mitchell Library. The service is designed to inspire a love of reading, learning and discovery.


 Glasgow Museums is the largest museum service in the UK outside London and oversees 10 venues across the city with extensive and internationally significant collection of art. It comprises over 60,000 objects from all over the world, which date from about 1100 to the present.


Glasgow Sport is the only organisation dedicated to all levels of sport and physical activity in Glasgow. They manage 22 Glasgow Clubs, 12 Swimming pools, public tennis/ bowls facilities and numerous football venues across the city. Their aim is to help more people be active and healthy to create a better Glasgow.

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